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Backordering TBR Domains (Backorder Expired .ca Domains)

Each week, thousands of previously owned .ca domains expire and become available for registration due to non renewal in time. These domains get released on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm ET via a process known as TBR. has developed a robust TBR solution with multiple registrars acting in tandem to acquire the TBR domains backordered through our system. Ever since we launched this service, we have enjoyed a very high acquisition success rate for expired .ca domains. TBR system is an opportunity for you to find and backorder the expired .ca domains of interest before they get picked up by another party. Backordering domains is a very easy process with the various tools that has developed to help you navigate the TBR domain list efficiently.

a) You can search the tbr domains by keywords. So if you are interested in real estate domains, you can search the list for relevant keywords such as home, realty, condo,... and backorder the .ca domains of interest.

b) You can browse the TBR .ca domain list by the domain starting first letter. This allows you to split this .ca TBR domain list into a number of smaller lists each starting with a certain letter or number. So once you are done with one sublist, you can move to the next.

c) You can browse the expired .ca domains by length, i.e only those that are 2-4 characters long.

d) You can backorder multiple expiring .ca domains at once through our bulk domain backordering tool.

Bidding starts at $50. Subsequent bids are $60 and $75. Any domain that has at least two $60 bids will be advanced to a 1 day auction. The rest are awarded directly to the owner of the last bid. All auctions end on Thursdays (one day after TBR date) at 1:00 pm ET. All bids include 1 year registration.

The next TBR session will take place on 2024-04-24. Click here to backorder TBR domains to be released then.

Click here to view the full list of this week's .ca TBR domains

Here is a small sample of .ca TBR domains that will be released next., INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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