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Here you access your .ca canadian domain names control panel. You can change DNS or renew all of your canadian .ca domains in 2 clicks. Also buy (or renew existing) canadian web hosting packages, manage your URL, IP and email forwarding and get any of our email addresses canada offerings

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Want to register canadian .ca domains, buy any of our canada web hosting packages, canadian email addresess, or forwarding services  but prefer not to use a credit card? No problem! offers you the ability to get any of our offered services without using a credit card.
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While offers secure payment via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, there are many additional payment options available to you. As long as you have funds in your account with us, you can use these funds towards any of our services.

You can add funds to your account with us via email or direct deposit.

Make instantaneous payment via email

There are two ways you can make via email and have funds transferred to your account with us immediately.

Make payment via Interac through webbanking:

If you have an account with Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, CIBC, Scotia Bank, or TD Canada Trust Bank, you can make payment instantaneously to us via email.! Just login to your webbanking and follow instructions in that regard. Process takes minutes to finish and whatever amount you send usually gets deposited within minutes! Use as email to which money is sent. You will be asked to specify a security question and answer. Please use 'Order ID?' as question and the ID of the order you are paying for as answer.

Make payment via email through

You can also email us funds through, a service available to all bank and credit union customers. If you are not an existing customer of, you can become one for free in less than 1 minute. You would need to upload funds from your web banking interface to your account at and then once your funds are there, email us funds instantaneously.

Make payment through direct deposit!

You can do that in one of two ways:

a) If you are a TD Canada Trust Bank customer, contact your phone banking number and add us to your list of personal payees. You will need to provide our bank account number as well as name on the account. Then make sure to tell them to transfer the amount immediately (while you are on the phone) to our account. Doing it from the webbanking interface results in funds reaching us the next business day.

This allows us to receive the funds immediately. Or you can do it later from your webbanking interface but in this case the funds won't reach till next business day.

b) Or, you may pass by any TD Canada Trust branch and deposit funds in our account.

You are given a transaction confirmation number that you enter in a short form online letting us know of the deposit and as soon as that is confirmed, your deposited funds are added to your balance with us. This balance can be used towards any of our services

Our TD Canada Trust bank account to be used in the above is as follows:

Please contact us for our banking info.

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: The wire fees are your responsibility. Please contact us for our bank account info

Important Note: If the escrow transaction is in USD, the only payment option is wire. Please contact us for wire instructions, INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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